OAD offers advanced IT services to heritage bodies, academic projects, commercial archaeological units, and commercial developers.

  • Creating customised Content Management Systems with open source software solutions
  • Providing web-based solutions for heritage-based datasets including:
    • Image Databases: the storage and display of large image collections
    • Server-side GIS: producing topology on server platforms and returning geographic results
    • Simple point mapping: a GIS-independednt method of showing findspots and site distributions on customised maps over the web without using a GIS application
  • Providing advice and training for excavation data systems, including:
    • On-site excavation and site-survey databases
    • Digital photographic logs and archives, and
    • CAD and spatial systems
  • Advising developers and consultants on IT requirements to improve the efficiency of excavation and fieldwork
  • Providing general IT consultancy, including hardware, software, and network advice (including wireless networks)
  • Providing bespoke IT training for specific organisations (e.g. commercial field units) or bodies (e.g. GIS for capital sites and monument record offices)
  • Providing assessment and/or advice for IT needs, specific applications, and pricing for specific jobs (e.g. for commercial tenders, funding bids, lottery grants, etc.)
  • Ensuring that datasets and excavation archives are ADS Compliant;
  • Providing three-dimensional reconstructions, rendering, and architectural design.