About Us

Oxford ArchDigital was formed by Gary Lock and Tyler Bell to address the growing need in the archaeology and heritage sectors for the design and development of specialised, archaeological-based IT applications. Working in association with the University of Oxford’s Institute of Archaeology, OAD provides training for professional archaeologists in a wide range of software, helping them to develop skills that are useful to the increasingly computer-based archaeology and heritage sectors. The training offered ranges from introductory through advanced classes in GIS, CAD and databases, as well as custom designed bespoke courses, created specifically to fit the demands of an archaeological unit or other professional body. OAD also offers consultancy services in high-end computing techniques, to deal with problems as varied as system design, hardware and software specifications, networking and web-based data distribution.

“OAD’s knowledge and experience of both archaeology and computing gives them a unique understanding of the problems faced by archaeologists, and important insights on how to solve them.” – Barry Cunliffe, Professor of European Prehistory, University of Oxford

OAD creates Integrated Information Management Systems: customised information management solutions that provide our clients with a means to create, maintain, and integrate images, spatial data, web pages, electronic documents, and structured text. Our systems help boost productivity by integrating the collection, analysis and delivery of complex information sets into a single web-based application. We have extensive, applied experience in the implementation of large-scale image management systems and integrated GIS applications.

OAD focuses on the use of open standards and established technologies to provide accessible and interoperable solutions that address the functional, long-term information management needs of information integration projects. We deploy our unique technology through a dedicated team servicing a range of public, institutional, and corporate clients in the UK and Europe.

Who We Are

Gary Lock, PhD, MIFA, FSA
Non-Executive Director. Gary is a lecturer at the University of Oxford’s Institute of Archaeology and Department for Continuing Education. He is an expert in the use of computers in archaeology. Gary has employed computer methodologies in archaeological fieldwork and data collection since the 1970s, and has been a long-term advocate of the use of IT in archaeology.

Tom Hassall, OBE, FSA, Hon MIFA
Heritage Consultant. Tom was the founding director of the Oxford Archaeological Unit, and has been Chairman of the Standing Conference of Archaeological Unit Managers, and Secretary and Chief Executive of the former RCHME.

Nick Case, FCA
Managing Director. Nick is a Chartered Accountant with a background in corporate finance and strategic planning. He has worked in the Venture Capital field and has previously run a software company.

Tyler Bell, DPhil
Technical Director. Tyler has extensive field experience in archaeological research and has worked on prehistoric, Roman, and early medieval sites in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. Tyler has over 10 years’ experience in applying CAD and databases to archaeological field projects, and has developed many web databases for field, desk and archivally based projects that incorporate textual, graphical and spatial data.

Thomas Evans, DPhil
Course Lecturer. Tom has worked for and managed both research and commercial archaeological projects in Britain, France, Eire, Mexico and the US. He has particular interest in the study of European pre- and protohistory. Tom is a specialist in the use of computer-related techniques in the recognition of patterns in complex datasets, and the training and use of information technologies in archaeology.