Once Upon A Time...

This website served as the home page for Oxford ArchDigital. Oxford Archdigital Ltd. (OAD) is a software development house that was founded with venture backing in 2001, as a spin-out company from the University of Oxford. They are Information Architects that developed Hosted Applications and Web Services for collecting, managing, and publishing large visual and spatial datasets.

They provided the following services:

Image Management

OAD’s Image Management System is the only IMS designed for browser-based internal data management and secure public access to your institutional collections.

GIS & Spatial Data

OAD’s GIS applications provide a complete, vendor-neutral web mapping and spatial manipulation service, and integrate with existing MapInfo and ESRI products.

Reference Data Systems

Manage and deliver your structured knowledge base to third-party applications or via a browser interface with OAD’s multi-lingual thesaurus and ontology servers.

Formal Data Management

Formal data management tools are built within every OAD data management application. Workflow, data audit, and access control mechanisms allow complete control over every aspect of your data and business process management.